Barbara Jordan ©1993 Cindy Debold. U.S. House Representative for Texas and distinguished speaker.

This section contains about two thirds of the face casts that were originally done for a project I hoped to get put up in the then new Austin airport of interesting and important Austinites from a variety of fields. At first I was very nervous about asking if I could do a face cast of them. Ms. Jordan was especially gracious when she came to my studio then on 5th Street. She had such a wonderful voice. Although I could not convince the Austin City Council of that time to display the castings I have no regrets to having met these movers and shakers of Austin. I am glad that I played a small part in keeping their memory more alive. Photographs and sculptures are wonderful but there is something special about a face casting being direct from life.

Texas City, Texas later commissioned a bronze copy of this piece for their new Convention Center.


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